Our Seaside Studio

sea side studio spaceTerena Agle has been designing and hand crafting sterling silver beaded wire jewelry since the late 1980's. Her start came about on Granville Island, apprenticing under an architect turned jeweller, his mantra was "it is made right because it is made by hand". This holds true still today in her strive for perfection and continuing the unique geometric style. Every piece is a thoughtful creation, allowing parts to flow freely...to come to life.

“silverOrganic textures such as silk ribbons, deerskin leather are combined with colourful beads, semi-precious stones, crystals and 14K gold. These compliment her designs creating an essence of vitality that is truly inspiring.

Today, Terena creates from her bright, sunny Boundary Bay studio, just steps to the beach. As she has evolved as an artist so have her techniques. She has developed her own eclectic style of form, forge and functional jewelry design.


“canadianThe inspiration of the stunning West Coast has given rise to a line of beautiful home decor items that have embraced an unconventional stain glass technique creating beautiful vases and sculptures. Terena's passion for creating unique and extraordinary works of art has shaped Silver Suspensions, and she is honoured to share it with you.

Silver Suspensions
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